President Hotel Mito is located in the heart of warm and friendly city MITO. This hotel has been designed for the sophisticated traveller and features international standard facilities. Travelling exectives will find the environment designed and completed with their needs in mind. Vacationers will also enjoy the fine ambience and outstanding hospitality of this comtenporary hotel.




Kairakuen Park
Nationally famous as a plum park, Kairakuen Park is one of the three great parks of Japan,the other two being Kenrokuen Park in Kanazawa and Korakuen Park in Okayama.
This Park was created in 1841 by the ninth Mito Clean Lord Nariaki Tokugawa. Its name means that the park is not only for the enjoyment of the Clean lord but also for the common people.
This 13-hectare park has 3,000 plum trees of 100 varieties and with the coming of Spring, attracts crowds of plum blossom viewers. The park also flowers in Summer with azaleas and in Autumn with Japanese bush clover.
The Kobuntei Villa nestled among the cedars and bamboos on the west side of the park was used for the Clan lord's relaxation and for poetry meetings to which writers and artists were invited. It has a plain but distinctive atmosphere. From the three-story Rakujuro Belvedere you can see the whole park, while directly below lies Lake Senba.

Art Tower Mito
This art center symbolizes Mito as an active city of coulture. Leading Japanese artists participated in its planning and also in the supervision of its operation. Each program of art, music and theater has its own exclusive space. A city financial foundation supports art exhibits, a permanent orchestra and a theatrical group. The Center's activities reach beyond the Shores of Japan.